Thursday, January 8, 2009

How it feels to be Me

I think that paper that we have recently wrote and are soon to turn in is one of my favorite papers we have gotten to write because we all have something unique about us that makes us different that people might not know about. For example, Hannah P. wrote about her Italian heritage and how she really didn't accept it at first, but realized it helps make up who she is and were she comes from and she starts to embrace it which is awesome. Also the paper I corrected was Nicole Peterson's, who wrote about her family and how she has learned to not always take her huge loving family for granted because they could be gone in an instant. I also wrote about family, but not the blood kind of related family that we all have, but a different kind of family that not many people can say they have. I grew up with a third family, which I call my camping family. We all started camping together before I was even born, so I grew up with them my whole life, going on about 12 camping trips a summer and having get togethers throughout the year. I thought it was a really fun paper to write because it really made me look at my life and think about what's unique about it and I thought about the family I never realized help make me, me.


Caucasia, I think is the best book we have read so far because I think that it is easier to relate to then the other two books that we have read. Everyone has felt out of place at least a couple of times in their lives and have felt totally uncomfortable like Birdie did the first day of school. I also think it really opens people eyes to how other people feel about discrimination and race and what went on during that time period. It has to be so hard being Birdie and Cole at this time because they don't really fit in anywhere because they are half white and half black. Even though people in the story just assume that Cole is black and Birdie is white. I also love reading about Birdies journey and what she's going through because we've all heard about back in the olden days about race, but I have never read about it from someone living through it and all their situations that they have to deal with, even though I know that the story is not real and an author wrote it. But I think of it as a true story because someone probably did go through what Birdie's going through in the book from the color of her skin to her parents splitting up and never really seeing her father or sister because of the race wars that have gone on in our history. So overall I am really getting into the book and think it has been the best book we have read this quarter.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Racism and Gender Discrimination

Racism and gender believe it or not is still a problem today in our society, maybe not as big as the early 1900's but it's still around today. Everyday their is another person discriminated against because of their skin color or their gender, which by now I think should be over. Everyone is any equal, sure guys may be built stronger and faster, but girls can be to. Look at the girl body builder! Also when it comes to race, were all humanbeings and built the same way on the inside. Who cares if your lighter or darker or what your background and upbring are, we are all people just trying live our lives. We should have learned by now from history that it is not right to bring others down for who they are and how they were born. I think racism and gender discrimination is not having an open mind and being judgement and not living in the present world, where people can do almost anything about now. People just need to open their minds and hearts to new people and new things and not stay in the past because life is all about change and the new things that the world brings.


Well at first I didn't really like the movie, but the more I started to watch it, the more I get into it. I thought it was a really interesting and different movie then I am used to watching. I never really watched older movies like that, but I really got into it and thought it had some really funny humor. The humor was different then in todays society because in todays society all the humor is about sex and partying. So it was cool to watch a movie that wasn't all about the same stuff we watch today like falling in love, having sex, and partying. I also really liked how they developed the characters and how they talked and acted. My favorite was the general who kept arguing and getting frustrated with the president and chomping his gum. In the end I really loved the movie and how different it was, the humor, the characters, and the overall turn out of the movie.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Freedom To Say What You Want

I think censorship is ridiculous because the first amendment allows the freedom of speech. Freedom of speech means people can say whatever they want just like anyone else can and have their own ideas. If someone doesn't like what someone has to say then don't listen. If someone doesn't like a book, song, poem, story, etc. then don't pay attention to it. Yes, everyone can have their opinion about things, and not everyones going to have the same opinion and that's okay. Having an opinion is a great thing because not everyone in the world gets that and that's what makes America so diverse.
Bringing someone down about their opinion or burning someones book in a furnance is not cool or right because that their right to freedom of speech. If someone doesn't like a book for example then don't read it, it's that simple! Don't take it away from students or other people in the community just because someone disagrees with. Yes, someone has every write to say if they don't like something and that's fine just don't ruin it for other people. And don't be over the top about it.
I think at times people take freedom of speech for granted and a lot of things are being censored. But I think that people should be able to speeck their minds without someone trying to stop them or censor them from their opinion or ideas.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I think that war is a very interesting topic because there are all different types of war whether big or small. When people first hear "war" they think of soldiers fighting and killing people to stand up for our country, but their are more types in life other than being a soldier over seas. We all have wars in our life whether their with family, friends, ourselves, life, and even bugs taking over. I'm sure we have all had war with our parents because we wanted to hang out with our friends, not do our homework, not do chores, or we wanted to stay out longer. Those are some of the things we go to war with everyday and yet there not what you would think of when you hear of somebody going to war. Also, we have all fought with our friends at one time or another and it is like going to war because where trying to win a fight that we believe is important. Another example of going to war is Mr. Kunkle's story of having to fight off all the wasp in his house or when you play a sport and your trying to crush the other team. Obviously when most people think of war they don't think of all the small battles we have to fight in our everyday lives, they only think of soldiers fighting and killing people. However reality is that we all have obstacles, fights, battles, and wars throughout our everyday lives that hopefully make us stronger and help us become the people who we are today.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

This I Believe...

I believe that everybody in this world should be treated equal. No matter your skin color, hair color, sex, etc. everybody is a humanbeing and should be treated as so. Everyone wears clothes, eats food, has family and friends, and do all the same things, but maybe they have a different culture, traditions and look different from you, but that shouldn't matter. Also, people shouldn't care about what people wear or who they hang out with because you only live once, so everyone should just do what makes them happy. If you worry too much about what other people are doing and who they are, how could you ever be happy? Overall I believe you should do things that make you happy and don't bring other people down if there not like you.